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VIP Speakers In Philippines
Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Philippines 8-10 Sept 2017.
Mr. Mike Bartick, USA

Mike is a Marine Wildlife Photographer, Writer and Photo-Pro. He has insatiable love for finding unique marine life, observing and photographing it’s behavior and sharing his insight and knowledge with others. His curiosity and drive for first-hand experience has leaded him across the globe in search of that special critter encounter. Mike is widely published with work appearing monthly in international magazines, websites and internet publications. He also hosts photo clinics seminars concentrating on the different aspects of Underwater Photography and the natural history of South East Asia and the Indo-Pacific.
Mr. Jerome Kim, Korea

Born and raised in Korea, Jerome Kim has been based in the Philippines for the last 18 years. He considers Anilao as his favorite dive spot in the whole Coral Triangle because of the great macro opportunities. Jerome is professional architect and considers underwater photography as just a hobby but he enjoys it immensely. He is able to translate his skills as an architect into designing the perfect shots underwater. He likes macro photography and taking photos of small critters specially in the Philippines waters. Jerome Kim is multi-award winning photographer in local and international competitions and his works are regularly introduced in many dive magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Ivan Manzanares, Philippines
Photographer/Diving professional

Ivan Manzanares is a PADI Digital Underwater Photography Instructor and Philippines Department of Tourism's Compact Camera Photographer of the Year 2015. His photos have been published in both local and international publications. A career spanning over a decade, Ivan is one of today's most sought after dive guides in Anilao, having worked with many of the industry's top names and having been a part in developing some of the new generation's underwater champions. His comprehention of camera systems big, medium and small topped with his years of macro and muck dives, he has carved a reputation amongst enthusiasts worldwide as being one of the few "must dive with dive guides" today.
Mr. Bo Mancao, Philippines
Photographer/CCR Diver

Bo’s award winning underwater photography and articles have been printed on international publications and books on marine conservation. The Philippine Department of Tourism has been using his images in various international advertising campaigns and dive expos around the world. He hopes that his images will inspire more people to take up scuba, appreciate what lies beneath the ocean and in turn help safeguard the planet’s marine treasures.
Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol (Nu),Thailand
Underwater Videographer

Nu was born and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied architectural design and started his first dive in Phuket after he had graduated from university. Nu is an avid Thai diver who has a strong passion in the marvelous diving locations in Asia and around the world. He works full-time as a U/W videographer on many liveaboards that operate in best Asia’s dive destinations such as Komodo, Raja Ampat, Andaman sea, Palau ,etc. His underwater skills lead him to get awards in prominent world-class photo competitions. Now he works full-time on liveaboard in Indonesia. He is enjoyed with exploring the diverse reef in Indonesia. He loves to share his work to inspired people for saving our Ocean. Our Ocean, Our Responsibility.
Mr. Alex Santos, Philippine
Technical Diver

At age 9, Alex began using scuba and in 1993, he introduced technical diving to the Philippines. Alex is a certified DMT and has over the years, developed procedures in oxygen in-water recompression to support PHILTECH’s commercial diving projects. He has administered the same to injured sport divers and has successfully reversed symptoms of DCS in all cases. Alex is usually called to the scenes of underwater accidents and maritime disasters, and has trained foreign and domestic recovery teams in body recovery techniques from deep inside wrecks. His greatest passion however is cave diving. He is a member of the Filipino Cave Divers, a select group of individuals with diverse academic backgrounds and skills who apply their combined expertise in the study, exploration, and preservation of underwater caves and springs. On rare occasions however, Alex can be seen looking at fish and loves to video marine life behavior.
Mr. Ram Yoro, Philippines
Underwater Photographer/Instructor/Cave Diver

Raised in archipelagic Philippines, Ram had an early love affair with the ocean. His young exposure to colorful reefs made him pursue a career in scuba diving as an instructor and underwater photographer. Now a multi-awarded underwater photographer, Ram is at the forefront of Cave Diving and Bonfire Diving in the Philippines. As member of the Filipino Cave Divers, he is active in exploring and documenting local underwater cave systems. While back in his base in Anilao, Ram is a proponent of the Bonfire method for Blackwater diving.
Mr. Pipat Cat Kosumlaksamee, Thailand
Underwater Photographer

Born and raised in Bangkok. He has won several awards and has been involved in diving for over 25 years. His work is the result of diving journey to exotic locations which takes him to many exciting places around the world. He strives to capture the underwater realm in a way that will help create an awareness of the fragile marine environment….. thus began a love affair with photography. From 2015-2017 he became one of the judges of UWMP and Underwater competition events in Bangkok.
Mr. Ben Sarinda, Indonesia

Ben Sarinda was born in Maluku, Indonesia, and his journey in the diving profession happened by chance when he was given the opportunity to move from boatman to diver in 2002. Today, with more than 10,000 logged dives, Ben has earned a reputation amongst divers and underwater photography enthusiasts, especially those who frequent Lembeh, for his extensive experience and understanding of marine life behaviour. Through his years of working with accomplished underwater photographers, he has developed a hands-on understanding of critters and their characteristics, making him the guide of choice for many established names from all over the world.
Mr. Reggie Reyes, Philippines
Coral Reef Rescue and Rehabilitation Advocate/Conservation Photography Coach

A Professional conservation coach and Photographer with several International Photography Awards for published books and documentary work. A Director of Coral Quest Rehabilitation Philippines, a movement that helps educate coral rehabilitation to benefit coastal communities. Reggie is an Ocean Geographic Masterclass Graduate, a member/underwater photographer in the exclusive Ocean Artists Society among global ambassadors who love the oceans. A Camera Club of the Philippines member, a distinguished and invitation only camera club founded in 1928.
Mr. Scott Gutsy Tuason, Philippines

Scott was first handed his underwater camera at the age of 16 though he started diving before he even hit puberty. Decades later he’s still a passionate photographer, and the element of doing things just at the edge characterizes how he gets his images. From throwing himself into a feeding frenzy or dangling off a line in open water at night, Gutsy as he is known thrives on the thrills. His photography has won awards, notably the Palme D’or at Antibes festival for his co-authored book Anilao in 2000, but the real gratification lies in sharing the marvels of the ocean and inspiring others to help preserve it. His latest Book 《Blackwater Open Blue》 won the Underwater Photography Book of the Year 2017 at the UPY event in London.
Mr. Penn De Los Santos, Philippines

A PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2009 Penn De Los Santos, or simply known as Penn DLS among his friends, learned taking underwater photos with a film camera soon after he got his open water certification in 2004. His passion for UW photography has already won him some awards both from local and international competitions. He shoots with a compact camera with accessories he gathered from joining competitions. He likes presenting ordinary subjects in creative angles and lighting. But he is also on the lookout for special critters, big marine life, and animal behavior.
Mr. Bernil H. Gastardo, Philippines
Cave Diver/President and co-founder of the Filipino Cave Divers

Diving since 1993, Bernil is a passionate cave diver. Happiest when exploring, he together with his late friend Dr. Alfonso Amores explored many underwater caves in the Visayas and Mindanao, including the world famous Enchanted River of Hinatuan. Bernil is the President and co-founder of the Filipino Cave Divers, a non-profit organization comprised of members with various academic degrees and competences directed at the scientific study and preservation of underwater caves and springs. He also has a seat at the National Cave Committee, a multi-sectoral organization attached to the Biodiversity Management Bureau of the Philippines. Being a fulltime scuba instructor, he dedicates his spare time coordinating with Local Government Units and Regional Cave committees in crafting measures to preserve cave systems throughout the Philippines.
Ms. Marese Secades, Philippines
AIDA 4 Freediver/Freediving Coach

Marese Secades is an ocean lover, AIDA 4 Freediver, content creator and founder of Apnea Philippines where she teaches introduction classes and promotes safe and responsible Freediving.
Dr. AA Yaptinchay, Philippines

Dr. Yaptinchay has been involved in marine biodiversity conservation in the Philippines for over 20 years. He is the director and founder of Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines after having worked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Biodiversity Management Bureau and WWF-Philippines as their Species Conservation Program Director. He sits on the board of a few other NGOs including Balyena.org, Reefcheck Philippines, CAPE Foundation, and Responsible Tourism Philippines. He is a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature - Species Specialist Group on dugongs, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos, and sits on the editorial board of The Philippine Journal of Fisheries.
Mr. Daniel Geary, USA
Marine Biologist

Daniel Geary grew up in Florida and has fostered a love of the ocean ever since he was a few years old. He has been diving for nine years and photographing for the last four years. He currently lives in Dauin, Philippines and works at Atmosphere Resorts and Spa as their in-house marine biologist, underwater photographer, and PADI dive instructor. He is a frogfish expert who teaches an exclusive PADI Frogfish Specialist course and continually promotes environmentally-friendly dive and photography practices.
Mr. Vincent Sparreboom, Netherlands
Pro Freediver/Entrepreneur/Activist

Vincent was born in Rotterdam the Netherlands, but left his country about 6 years ago to travel the world in pursuit of ocean conservation, animal rescue work and diving. During his travels on a Sea Shepherd campaign in the South Pacific he got (for the first time, seriously) introduced to freediving, and immediately loved the challenge of it. He decided to go to Egypt for 6 months where he became an instructor. After continuing to travel, compete and teach he is now based in Panglao, Bohol where he and his girlfriend are running Freedive+, one of the biggest professional freedive development centre’s in the world.
Mr. Gordos Gojunco, Philippines
SSI Instructor Trainer/Freediver

Diving since 2003 with around 5000+ dives, Gordos Gojunco is an SSI Instructor Trainer, Freediver, Swim Teacher and an avid explorer of Caves and Wrecks. He spends most of his time diving, doing dive trips, exploration, technical and commercial works and sharing his passion to other people by teaching diving. Hoping to raise the level of service and professionalism in the diving industry, Gordz spends a lot of time in developing diving professionals. The only time you don't see Gordz underwater is when he spends time taking care of his son Dax and wife Toni. All the remaining free time is sqeezed in to be able to volunteer as a firefighter and a rescue technician.
Dr. Wilfredo Licuanan, Philippines
Marine Biologist

Dr. Al Licuanan is a Full Professor of the Biology Department and University Fellow of De La Salle University. He is also a Course Director of Reef Check. He has been surveying and monitoring coral reefs for over 30 years and has led research teams to many previously unstudied reefs from all around the country including the Kalayaan (Spratly) Islands (where he discovered a coral species new to science), and the Pacific Ocean coasts from Luzon to Mindanao. He just completed a DOST-PCAARRD funded project that undertook a nationwide reassessment of the status of coral reefs.
Mr. Michael Pettersson, Sweden
SSI Extended Range Instructor Trainer/SSI Instructor Certifier

Michael’s passion for diving started from the early age of 6 when his first Mask/Fins was in placed, been scuba diver since 1982 and start his Diving Instructor career in 1990’. Michael is an SSI Technical Extended Range Instructor Trainer and SSI Instructor Certifier. Today he spends most of his time sharing his passion teaching technical diving such as mixed gas diving, cave and closed circuit rebreathers CCR up to Instructor level. Aside from teaching technical diving he also has a passion with helping disable people to explore the underwater world. When Michael is not teaching, he organizes different kinds of dive expedition and promotes the Philippines as a dive destination around the world.
Events & Programs
8 September 2017 (Friday, 11:00am – 8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
01:35-02:15PM Diving Seminar
Stage A
03:00-04:00PM Opening Ceremony Stage A
05:10-05:50PM Conservation Photography Seminar by Mr. Reggie Reyes
Topic: A Dip into Documentary Photography
Stage A
06:05-06:45PM Conservation Photography Seminar by Mr. Bo Mancao
Topic: Tubbataha Reef: A True Treasure
Stage A
07:00-07:40PM Freediving Seminar by Mr. Vincent Sparreboom
Topic: Safety in Freediving 
Stage A
05:00-05:40PM Freediving Seminar by Ms. Marese Secades
Topic: Diving on One Breath
Stage B
05:55-06:35PM Cave Diving Seminar by Mr. Ram Yoro
Topic: Exploring Paglugaban Cave
Stage B
06:50-07:30PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Pipat Cat Kosumlaksamee
Topic: Diving in Big Island, Hawaii - Part 1
Stage B
9 September 2017 (Saturday, 11:00am – 8:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:00-12:40PM Ocean Conservation Seminar by Dr. Wilfredo Licuanan (Reef Check Philippines)
Topic: The Current Status of Philippine Coral Reefs: How Should We (Not) Respond?
Stage A
12: 50-01:30M Mine Diving Seminar by Mr. Alex Santos
Topic:  A Most Dangerous Rescue
Stage A
01:40-02:20PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol (Nu)
Topic: Top 5 Dramatic Moment in My Underwater Life
Stage A
02:30-03:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ben Sarinda
Topic: Capturing The Perfect Moment of The Exotic Underwater Critters
Stage A
03:20-04:00PM Bonfire Diving Seminar by Mr. Ram Yoro
Topic: The Science Behind Bonfire Diving
Stage A
04:10-04:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Mike Bartick
Topic: The Power of The Torch
Stage A
05:00-05:40PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Pipat Cat Kosumlaksamee
Topic: Diving in Big Island, Hawaii - Part 2
Stage A
05:50-06:30PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Jerome Kim
Topic: The Best Dive Destinations in The Philippines for Underwater Photographers
Stage A
06:40-07:20PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Scott Gutsy Tuason
Topic: Blackwater Diving in Aurora
Stage A
07:30-08:00PM Lucky Draw Stage A
12:20-01:00PM Technical Diving Seminar by Mr. Michael Pettersson (SSI)
Topic: Stealth Diving - Welcome to the World of CCR
Stage B
01:30-02:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Penn De Los Santos
Topic: Think Like An Underwater Photographer
Stage B
02:20-03:00PM Ocean Conservation Seminar by Dr. AA Yaptinchay (Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines)
Topic: Saklolo Pating!
Stage B
03:10-03:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Bo Mancao
Topic: More to Macro
Stage B
04:00-04:30PM Cave Diving Seminar by Mr. Bernil H. Gastardo
Topic: The Magnificent Underwater Caves of Southern Philippines
Stage B
04:50-05:30PM Marine Biology Seminar by Mr. Daniel Geary (Atmosphere Resort)
Topic: Frogfish of the Indo Pacific
Stage B
05:40-06:20PM Freediving Seminar by Mr. Vincent Sparreboom
Topic: Freediving Education - from Beginner to Instructor 
Stage B
06:30-07:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ivan Manzanares
Topic: Minimal Set Up for Better Composition
Stage B
Sunday 10 2017 (Sunday, 11:00am – 6:00pm)
Time Program Venue
12:30-01:10PM Freediving Diving & Ocean Conservation Seminar by Ms. Marese Secades
Topic: Freediving in A Plastic Ocean
Stage A
01:20-02:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Reggie Reyes
Topic: Photography with Purpose
Stage A
02:10-02:50PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Penn De Los Santos
Topic: New Dive Destinations in the Philippines
Stage A
03:00-03:40PM Diving Safety Seminar by Mr. Gordos Gojunco (SSI)
Topic: Diving Incident Command System
Stage A
03:50-04:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ivan Manzanares
Topic: Understand The Source of Light - Sun, Torch And Strobe
Stage A
04:40-05:20PM Cave Diving Seminar by Mr. Bernil H. Gastardo
Topic: The Underwater Caves of Pawod And Casili
Stage A
05:30-06:00PM Lucky Draw Stage A
12:20-01:00PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Mike Bartick
Topic: Expanding Your Portfolio
Stage B
01:10-01:50PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Ben Sarinda
Topic: Lighting, Angle & Composition
Stage B
02:00-02:40PM Dive Destination Seminar by Mr. Scott Gutsy Tuason
Topic: Diving out of The Box
Stage B
02:50-03:30PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Parnupong Norasethkamol (Nu)
Topic: The Top Dive Destinations with Liveaboard in Indonesia around The Year
Stage B
03:40-04:20PM Wreck Diving Seminar by Mr. Alex Santos
Topic: Revisiting A Maritime Disaster
Stage B
04:30-05:10PM Underwater Photography Seminar by Mr. Jerome Kim
Topic: Essential Tips for Underwater Macro Photography
Stage B
Prize Details
Sponsored By
V DIVE Mask X 5pc (USD 175)
Economy Class roundtrip tickets  (Manila- Any Domestic- Manila), 1 Person
Wave Cutter 2 Open Heel Fins, 1 Person (USD 112)
Beuchat Aquabionic Fins (Yellow), 1 Person (USD 150)
Hele i CAM Underwater Camera, 1 person (USD 199)
Economy Class Roundtrip Flight Tickets (Manila – Kuala Lumpur – Manila),
1 Person (USD 200)
Enth Degree Aveiro Pants & Atoll HV Female Hooded Vest, 1 Person (USD 300)
Enth Degree Aveiro Pants & Atoll HV Male Hooded Vest, 1 Person (USD 300)
2 Nights Diving Package, 1 Person (USD 320)
MINELAB GO Find 60 Detector, 1 Person (USD 450)
3 Days 2 Nights Diving Package (6 Dives), 1 Person (USD 480)
Economy Class Roundtrip Flight Tickets (Manila – Denpasar – Manila),
1 person (USD 500)

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