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VIP Speakers In Philippines
Welcome to attending our VIP Seminar Programs during DRT Show Philippines 7-9 Sept 2018.
Mr. Jerome Kim, Korea
Photographer / Writer

Born and raised in Korea, Jerome Kim has been based in the Philippines for the last 20 years. He considers Anilao as his favorite dive spot in the whole Coral Triangle because of the great macro opportunities. Jerome is professional architect and considers underwater photography as just a hobby but he enjoys it immensely. He is able to translate his skills as an architect into designing the perfect shots underwater. He likes macro photography and taking photos of small critters especially in the Philippines waters. Jerome Kim is multi-award winning photographer in local and international competitions and his works are regularly introduced in many dive magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Ram Yoro, Philippines
Underwater Photographer / Writer

Growing up in archipelagic Philippines, Ram had an early love affair with the ocean. His early exposure to colorful reefs made him pursue a career as a scuba instructor and underwater photographer. Today, Ram is at the forefront of two things: Underwater Caving & Bonfire Diving. As member of the Filipino Cave Divers, he is active in exploring and documenting underwater cave systems in the Philippines. While back in his base in Anilao, he is a proponent of the Bonfire method for documenting plankton. Ram also co-authored with Andrew Marriott the “Guide to Anilao”, a comprehensive guidebook released last November 2017 about diving in the area. The guidebook is a publication in partnership with the Philippine Commission on Sports & Scuba Diving and the Mabini Tourism Office.
Mr. Ivan Manzanares, Philippines
Photographer / Underwater Photography Instructor

Ivan Manzanares is a PADI Digital Underwater Photography Instructor and Philippines Department of Tourism's Compact Camera Photographer of the Year 2015 with photos published in both local and international media. A career spanning over a decade, Ivan is one of today's most sought after photo coaches in Anilao, having worked with many of the industry's top names and assisting some of today's top underwater photographers. His comprehension of camera systems big, medium and small topped with his years of macro and muck dives, he has carved a reputation amongst enthusiasts worldwide as being one of the few "must dive with dive guides" today.
Mr. Vincent Sparreboom, Netherlands
Pro Freediver / Entrepreneur / Activist

Vincent was born in Rotterdam the Netherlands, but left his country about 6 years ago to travel the world in pursuit of ocean conservation, animal rescue work and diving. During his travels on a Sea Shepherd campaign in the South Pacific he got (for the first time, seriously) introduced to freediving, and immediately loved the challenge of it. He decided to go to Egypt for 6 months where he became an instructor. After continuing to travel, compete and teach he is now based in Panglao, Bohol where he and his girlfriend are running FREEDIVE+ Freedive Academy Panglao, one of the biggest professional freedive development centre’s in the world.
Mr. Scott Gutsy Tuason, Philippines
Photographer / Writer

Scott was first handed his underwater camera at the age of 16 though he started diving before he even hit puberty. Decades later he’s still a passionate photographer, and the element of doing things just at the edge characterizes how he gets his images. From throwing himself into a feeding frenzy or dangling off a line in open water at night, Gutsy as he is known thrives on the thrills. His photography has won awards, notably the Palme D’or at Antibes festival for his co-authored book Anilao in 2000, but the real gratification lies in sharing the marvels of the ocean and inspiring others to help preserve it. His latest Book 《Blackwater Open Blue》 won the Underwater Photography Book of the Year 2017 at the UPY event in London.
Mr. A.G. Saño, Philippines

A.G. Saño is a professional photographer whose works have appeared in different international and local media such as CNN, National Geographic Channel, Asian Geographic, Asian Diver, CNTV, Channelnews Asia, LA Times, Getty Images, AP Reuters, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Philippine STAR, RAPPLER.com, ABSCBN, GMA7, TV5, NET25, UNTV, NBN4, etc. He is a conservationist who has been involved in whale and dolphin research for the past 14 years. He has also done assignments on sea turtles, dugong habitats, sharks and other environmental work with reputable NGO’s and institutions such as WWF, Greenpeace, RARE, Conservation International, Silliman University, LAMAVE, PFEC, among others. He is a cofounder of Balyena.org, a non-profit group undertaking marine mammal conservation efforts in the country.
Mr. Jean-Pol Francois (JP), Belgium
AIDA-PADI Instructor Trainer / AIDA Judge Instructor

Passionate Freediver since 1989, JP participated to numerous Freediving International competitions and many World Championships with the National team of Belgium; He is also an experienced Scuba Instructor and a former competition swimmer. JP is now based in Asia since 2010, and active in the Philippines since 20 12 where he founded Freediving Planet with his business partner Suzanne Lim. He has already taught hundreds of Instructors and students from all over Asia. “Freediving is more than a Passion: It is now my life.”
Mr. Juan Naval, Philippines
Diving Instructor / Instructor Trainer / Cave Diver

Juan began diving way back in the late 80's and has been diving ever since. With a NAUI foundation and a PADI divemaster certification on hand, he decided to take his diving education further with a relatively young DIR-based agency during that time called Unified Team Diving. In 2010 he became the first UTD trained diver in the Philippines and two years later, Juan along with the late Tom Morato became the first UTD instructors and UTD Cave divers in the Philippines becoming an Instructor Trainer for UTD in 2016. Early 2018, Juan joined the instructor ranks of InnerSpace Explorers (ISE) and is actively involved with various groups working for the conservation of the marine environment as well as the uplifting of current dive practices and safety in the Philippines.
Mr. Alex Santos, Philippines
Technical Diver

Alex is a technical and commercial diver. He and his PHILTECH team work in harsh conditions. Their unusual profiles allow him to study instances of DCS and develop various in-water recompression techniques for rapid treatment. He does deep recovery inside wrecks, for valuable objects and victims of drowning. His experience has been called upon during disasters at sea. He has trained recovery teams both locally and from overseas. Cave diving is his true passion. He is with the Filipino Cave Divers, individuals who apply their diverse backgrounds in the study and preservation of underwater caves.
Mr. Wayne Jones, Australia
Underwater Photographer

I began diving at an early age, spearfishing as an unfortunate initiation, though, once achieving my open water at 14, I soon took up the camera and a theme of conservation naturally manifests. Obtrusively, as life would have it, a long diving hiatus interjected, as the path of life’s roller-coaster ride dragged me kicking and screaming through dark and stormy seas and lakes of tranquility eventually landing here in one such proverbial paradise, The Philippines which rekindled my ocean flame as I once more sunk beneath that rippling blue shroud into that other-worldly dimension of the undersea environment. It was not long before the underwater camera followed me back down and my desire to share this beautifully misunderstood environment. To develop an awareness in others of the awe and necessity of abundance that lay beneath and foster a covet in conservation of the marine habitat that allows me to also fill that inner neediness for a meaning to a life often unexamined.
Ms. Ipah Uid, Malaysia

Malaysian Photographer Ipah Uid became an underwater photographer after she left the Airlines in early 2000. An award winning photographer, a mother of six kids and a full time PADI Instructor she also owns her Dive centre called UrbanIsland Divers in Pulau Perhentian Malaysia. Her passion of the sea started when she overcame her fear of water. Wanting to learn more about photography she came up with her own sense of style pushing the limits to all compact cameras and showing the best way to get amazing creative shots. Sharing knowledge about underwater photography is her main objective nowadays teaching new divers to appreciate life in the ocean to a whole new level.
Mr. Bo Mancao, Philippines
Photographer / Writer

Bo’s award winning underwater photography and articles have been printed on international publications and books on marine conservation. The Philippine Department of Tourism has been using his images in various international advertising campaigns and dive expos around the world. He hopes that his images will inspire more people to take up scuba, appreciate what lies beneath the ocean and in turn help safeguard the planet’s marine treasures.

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